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Be obsessed with what you're doing and you'll see
that nobody is the same good as you


As a big lover of traveling I always wonder how different and special every single country is and how unique are people. Every travel makes you grow and changes your believes, gives an understanding that the world is a beautiful place full of love and inspiration. I invite you to read my “memory journal” from travel destinations.

Memory journal


After years of traveling as a model, I decided to get a new challenging skill – to learn Chinese language. All I can say – I just fell in love with this language and Chinese culture, which opens for me in a new way with every new world I learn! When I just first came to China to Guangzhou city I felt like all my vision about the world turned upside down, everything what I knew before has been fade in front of this new culture with their own rules and opinions. It took me years to understand Chinese people better and a got a desire to learn this exotic language to understand them and to get in touch closer. I’ve been learning Chinese since since spring 2016 and Im sharing some interesting notes and facts about it in China section in my blog.


The life can be unpredictable and we never know for sure where it will take us in 20 years, but what I know for sure – I’ll always be interested in people – interesting, different, sometimes strange, sometimes funny and unpredictable. I wonder how interesting are people’s life stories and how unique are characters! People are an inspiration and the best resource to learn from for me. I’m grateful for my opportunity to meet such different, but talented and strong people on my way and I think questions are the tool to get closer to people’s wisdom. So I realized my dream to interview inspiring people around.


If everybody say that activities that you normally doing in your free time, what you read about is your real passion, than I can can say I’m keen into psychology and motivation. I love to read and explore new and new tools for time management, self-awareness and productivity, it’s my daily routine to read articles and books about it. I’d like to share with you the best of what I’ve found yet and what I’ve learned as well as to share what I use in daily basis and which useful habits helps me to feel energized and motivated.