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16.10.2017 | China

Is China different?

Living in China I know that I learn not only new language, but also new culture, understand the way people think. During our lessons I always do remarks about different topics that I was curious about. I often wonder about the fact that what we in Europe can call “normal”, in China seems to be strange. So there are some interesting things about China

Which animal is hardworking?

We discussed symbols and which animal in different countries means  “hardworking person”  , too course there are much more, but the most interesting are:

in China  – the bee or cow, Koria – hardworking bull, America – dog “work like a dog”, France – chicken ( I was super surprised, my friend told like this!), Russia – bee and ant

For birthday in China people traditionally give a  peach  to people under 40 years old as a symbol of health and “juicy” condition, and one more reason – peach looks like a heart, an organ of body

Also traditionally for your birthday you should eat some  noodles , during eating to soak in as long noodle as you can, because noodle is a symbol of long life! Logically! ?

By the way, in Russia for birthday we also have one strange tradition – to pull at birthday person’s ears as many times as his age is!

The interesting fact about difference in language – Chinese people say that English is difficult to learn because they can’t guess the meaning of word if they don’t know it. Really, in English there are just 26 letters and you know how to pronounce it, but you can don’t know the meaning of word. In China there are so many words and you can  guess the meaning  of it, but can’t pronounce it

do NOT give this presents:



—In China the  green hat   means that his wife or husband cheated on him/her ,  so if somebody will wear green hat, everybody will laugh at him. And that’s the reason why you can’t give this present to somebody.


 White color  means “the death” and nothing white can be send as a present!


 Blue  also has some bad meaning.


 Yellow flowers  used in funerals, so it also cant be a gift for sure.


— To give any  sharp objects  means that you want to cut relationship with this person


 Clock  is a forbidden gift as “to give a clock” sounds like 送钟 song zhong which is similar with 送终 song zhong –  ” to attend a funeral”


 Shoes  aren’t a good idea as well, because xié sound similar with xié – “evil”


 Peach  lí 梨 sound like lí 离 – ”to leave”, so also never used as a present.


 Umbrella  is also in the list, because 雨伞 yu san sounds like  散 San – “to break up”

BUT red color is always the best choice for every present!

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