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30.08.2017 | Modeling
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Modeling is fame? Or diets and fitness all day long?

The first of all modelling is a combination of

  • required skills,

  • nice appearance

  • self-discipline

  • good communication skills

And if appearance and self-discipline are more difficult to learn, the skill of posing can be just trained by practice and coping other’s poses, watching yourself at the mirror and working on it. So I’m going to share my personal experience and tell what I learned after 4 years of work!

Posing can be different in different countries, but I’ll be more focused on posing for Chinese castings, because here in China it’s especially important for clients. All models who worked in Asia know that it’s not enough just to come to casting and to be nice, but you need to win this competition between models – competition in the  

  •  speed of posing 

  •  quality of poses 

  •  creativity  sometimes 

Why it’s like this?

Because China has such a developed market of producing clothes and all the stuff that hard to imagine and they need to sell it all, so they simply don’t have time to be too focused on every pose, they just need models who have this skill.

Like a robot model needs to pose in “one-shoot, two-shoot, three-shot”  to finish all the pieces of clothes faster . So in my mind models who arrived to China and want to work and earn more need to understand the importance of this and try to figure out what client wants.

It’s easy to see difference between experienced models in China and new faces, so in this video I want to show the example of trained experienced models who get a lot of jobs. My first trip to Guangzhou wasn’t “successful” in case of works ( but not in case of new emotions!!!), but I learned a lot so my next trip to Beijing was perfect for me. I just figured out this idea for myself – models not only should care about appearance, but also should do their best on developing handy skills.

 It’s not only about luck!  

My first teachers were girls in my agency in Guangzhou, girls who worked almost daily, girls who know  how to control their body  .

I didn’t knew first about different types of shootings, but now I can name all which I faced during my work: sweet, cool, street, walking pose, elegant, fashion, natural. I guess this separation exists only in China, but it’s really true. As I remember, later there is appeared a new style – “Zara style”. Can’t wait to explain more detailed!

Styles of posing

 “Sweet pose”  – I call it “doll” pose because in my mind it looks exactly like this. Sweet smile, naive and girlish view, small accurate movements pretending you’re a Barbie doll. Some poses are almost like a cliche.

 “Cool pose”  – I call it “I don’t care” pose. Make eyes like you hate everything around plus add some arrogance and you’ll get exactly what they need! A lot of girls doing it perfectly after a long casting day:)) Movements of body can be both lazy or confident, like in the pictures.

 “Street style”  – you’re chilling around with this product that they want to sell, whatever this is bag, dress or glasses. You touch it, you use it and pretending like you’re walking in the street, watching around and bing happy with it. Mostly they need a nice smile and effortless and lively, but well-capture her movements.

 “Walking pose”  – not the same as “street”! This one is very catalogue-aimed pose that need to be trained. You make a long beautiful step in front of side at the same time paying attention on the closes you need to sell – jeans, pants, dress etc. so finally when this pose is well-trained it will be easy to use it next time in any shooting. Just try it at home and remember which leg it’s more comfortable for you to step first.

 “Elegant pose”  – most of all this poses are for evening dresses and elegant clothes, so it’s easy to see when you should turn on this mode. Soft and graceful moments with accent on shape of dress and woman’s elegant curves. Imagine that you are a beautiful sculpture and don’t forget about magnetic and confident look.

 “Fashion pose”  – a big magazine poses which are BIG and expressive, but fashionable. This poses are easy to find in magazines and they need to be trained as well, because every centimetre matters ( crook-backed fashion pose can look ugly with wrong turn to camera).

 “Natural poses”/“Zara pose”  – these are nice. Relaxed pose when you just stand or look around or walking a little bit, but not looking to camera! This is important to remember. The face is also just normal, no any feelings because all attention should come on new collection.

So that’s my list which I can remember during my personal experience, but I’m sure but now it’s even much more different kinds of poses. Besides, it’s important to feel confident because new girls normally can’t totally relax during the castings and look really nervous. I think this skill is need to be trained because it’s not so easy to feel comfortable in any clothes and to show up in front of 30 people, but it’s part of the work. What was important to learn for me is the ability to  control all your body at the same time  including fingers, the angle of your head, control your back and legs and at the same time thinking about the best pose for current product. Casting by casting I was watching my pictures after the shootings and tried to notice all my mistakes to control it next time, so finally it still wasn’t perfect, but the progress was obvious.

Tips on posing

  •  Watch your fingers to look relaxed and natural

  • Train to do a natural front and side walking step in front of the mirrow and watch all your body to look natural and elegant

  •  Always remember about expression of your face and know which mood the customer needs to fit the clothes

  •  For castings you should know the best angle of your face and use it when you really need to show your best

  • Never forget about your back – keep it straight! You’re the model!

  • For shootings for pants and jeans when you need to make your legs look slimmer, bend your back and push your hips a little back. Just train it with mirror before.

  • Train to change your poses like you are dancing so it doesn’t look like you are a robot

  • You need to train effortless smile so in any moment to laugh naturally

  • Watch more magazines and websites to remember the best poses so you can use it anytime. It also develops your taste and imagination.

  • If you lay or sit remember to watch out your legs – if you’ll relax, legs can look bigger, so it’s better to keep tension in muscles to make it beautifully toned.

  • Remember not to close the product you sell with your arms because the aimed target is the product, not your personality (if we’re talking about catalogue shootings).

  • The main advice – your eyes. Put sense and power in your look.

  • Your confidence is the most important thing. Make a habit before casting to remind yourself that all the girls are beautiful, but you are special and absolutely unique, you’re the diamond. And if clients need exactly your type of diamond you will take the job, if not – it’s not your fault, they just need another type of girl. Always respect the choose of clients.

  • Remember to catch a good light! Before posing notice where the softbox or light located and try to use the advantage of it. Make the light to be your friend, not the enemy!

Also I will give some recommendations  where you can find poses  to watch and to have as an example:

  • (just open any brand you like and look at the model’s pictures)

  • brands like Zara, Zalora, H&M, Mango etc. always have a lot of catalogues with posing

  • open website of model agency and look at model’s portfolio pictures to know which Comp cards are relevant now

  • ask models who working a lot for advise and even you can ask them to point at your own mistakes during the casting or ask somebody to make video during your castings

Training and experience plus your natural charm and confidence will definitely help you to feel this confidence and to rock all the castings!
Good luck and never give up!
You’re the most beautiful!

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